Apex Trader Funding Payout: A Comprehensive Guide

Every trading platform has its own payout method with different payment transactions. Knowing the payout method is a given advantage for a trader aiming to partake in trading activities. By knowing the right information, traders can know what to do to qualify for any trading platform that fits their trading style. Payout process rules are a set of guidelines made for the functionality of traders. For things to be in the right order, guidelines are needed.


Some traders go through a lot of challenges regarding the payout process, but the Apex Trader Funding payout rule is easy to follow and transparent enough to make the payout process easy. Several questions are raised, especially by beginners of the trading firm, regarding the Apex Trader Funding payout process rule, which arises from occurrences during the payout process like delays in the request approval or why their requests are not accepted. Every issue has a source, and any issue that can occur during a payout request is generated by not following the right Apex Trader Funding payout process and rules. It is paramount for every trader, especially beginners, to know the rules guiding payouts on the platform. Some of the rules include knowing the minimum trading days, the minimum amount to have on your account, and the right date for a payout request. The purpose of this write-up is to give the necessary information about the Apex Trader Funding payouts, which will be explained.

Requesting Payout: The Basics

On the Apex Trader Funding platform, the payout sessions are from the 1st to the 5th and the 15th to the 20th of the same month. These dates are open for payout requests. Any request made outside of these dates will not be granted. Furthermore, the time when approval is made is during the review period, which is between the 1st and 14th and the 15th and 29th days, respectively. Likewise, the review period is also the period where a request can also be denied. Any payout request has to be reviewed before any payment can be made, more so, a request that was executed with a denial order must have arisen from an issue related to the minimum amount left in your account after the payout request was made, or the minimum trading days were not achieved.


There is no restriction to trading activities on the platform after the payout request, trading activities can continue, and in the meantime, ensure you trade right. Trade as if the money you requested has been removed to know the exact amount left in the account to continue trading with.

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The Payout Process Unveiled

Regarding the profit sharing for Apex Trader Funding Propriety traders, the highest bid goes to the trader. The trader receives 100% of the first $25,000 per Account and 90% for any amount beyond that. This offer is very lucrative for traders, as they can earn a significant portion of their profits.


Furthermore, all 100% percentage shares go to traders on the first successful payout, and subsequent payouts will follow a 90% to 10% split between the trader and the firm. This means that the more consistent traders are in their performance, the more they can earn and withdraw.


Apex Trader Funding payout requests can be made twice a month, specifically between the 1st-5th and between the 15th-20th of the month. To initiate a payout request, traders need to follow the required steps for trading activities. For requests made between the 1st and the 5th of the month, approval can occur anytime between the 1st and the 14th, with payment made on the 15th. For requests made between the 15th and the 20th, approval can occur anytime between the 15th and the 29th, with payment made on the 30th or 31st.


Traders may feel anxious if their requests are not processed quickly, but it's important to note that every request has to be reviewed within a specific time frame. Approval requests cannot pass the set review date. If a payout request is made on the first day of the month, there is still a 13-day window for the request to be approved. By adhering to the rules of the withdrawal process, traders can ensure that their requests are not delayed or disapproved, eliminating the need to rush.

Irrevocability Of Payout Requests

Once a payout request is made, it cannot be changed or edited. Trying to go through the help desk cannot help the matter either.


The amount displayed on your account after your request is not what it should be because, technically, what you requested is already deducted by the system. Be sure of the minimum withdrawal amount required before sending in a request so as not to affect your trading activity, that is, your remaining balance after the request should still meet the minimum amount required. Hence, if it is not up to the required amount, it will affect any further trading activity or cause a disapproved request.

Minimum Trading Days and Payout Request

As you may know, there are several guidelines that every trader has to meet before considering the first payout request before it can be approved and successful, and one of them is every trader must have attained ten working trading days. The necessity for this requirement is to test every trader's consistent spirit, which will yield good productivity value. You must have traded for at least 10 days with 10 different trade actions, that is, you will have traded with 10 different individuals.


This is also valid after making a payout request. If you request on the 1st, you can continue trading and still make another request on the 15th. Between the 1st and 15th, you must also achieve 10-day complete trading. A complete 10 trading days is after the 10th day, the withdrawal request can be on the 11th day, not by the end of the 10th day.

Payout Limit for The Initial Three-month

As a new trader, there is a minimum amount you can request in the first three months, which is $500 regardless of the account size, likewise, there is also a maximum payout request you can make. Any amount exceeding the maximum amount is not acceptable. This is only applicable to the first three withdrawal requests. After the first three withdrawal months, the maximum limit is no longer applicable, and the limit drawdown falls to $100.


The maximum amount varies with different account sizes. The amount that can be requested for one account will be different from others. Here is the list of the maximum payouts based on account size:

  • $25k Account- $1500
  • $50k Account- $2000
  • $75k Account- $2,250
  • $100k Account- $2,500
  • $150k Account- $2,750
  • $250k Account- $3,000
  • $300k Account- $3,500
  • $100k Static Account- $1,000

If you request a payout twice a month, it is still considered one withdrawal month, that is, if you request on the 1st and also on the 15th, the open date for payout requests, they are still regarded as one withdrawal month notwithstanding.

Tax Consideration

As regards tax, Apex Trader Funding is a business identity that does not belong to the government. Any individual trader is only paid according to their trading activity, and the firm is not concerned about how the money is used by the trader. Traders are issued a 1099-NEC form, which is used to make a report of what they have earned and also the amount they have received on the trading platform. This form is sent every January 31st for trading activity updates. And only US citizens are privileged. As a non-citizen, no form is sent to you.


The Apex trader funding platform is in no way associated with tax issues. As a trader, you should seek further inquiry about tax payments from your financial advisor.

Minimum Balance Requirements

Before requesting, these are the minimum withdrawal balances you need to attain. You must not have less than this total balance in your account before you make a withdrawal request:

  • $25k Account- $26,600
  • $50k Account- $52,600
  • $75k Account- $77,850
  • $100k Account- $103,100
  • $150k Account- $155,100
  • $250k Account- $256,600
  • $300k Account- $307,600
  • $100k Static Account- $102,600


The Apex Trader Funding institution has a safety net for traders that has a trailing drawdown of $100. For example, if you opened a $25k account, the maximum amount you can request for this size is $1500. For a $25k account, it is expected to have a total of at least $26,600 as a balance before making the payout request. After removing $1500, you are left with $25,100. So, your $25k is still intact, as is the safety net of $100.  Regardless of the level of trader, a minimum of ten trading days must be met. If any account goes beyond the minimum requirement, it can fail.


Payout request guidelines and principles apply to every trading platform. Some firms do not follow the method of the drawdown limit or safety net, but Apex Trader Funding does not process requests if the minimum balance is not achieved. If your total account balance is $26,000 for a $25k account, you are not eligible to request a withdrawal. The payout request will be denied.

Maximum Withdrawal Amount

Apex Trader's funding payout rules also follow a maximum withdrawal amount for each account size. This is applicable for the first three withdrawal months, and the maximum withdrawal for each account size has been listed above. At the fourth withdrawal month, there are no more limitations. Each account size has no fixed amount for withdrawal requests, even the same amount can be requested for all account sizes as it does not matter as long as the minimum balance is not exceeded. Every trader will be able to withdraw as much as they want.

Flexibility In Account Withdrawal

The withdrawal request is easy to process and can be done twice a month. After the first three withdrawal months, any subsequent withdrawal is more favorable because you have a chance to withdraw any amount. No limitations whatsoever. Therefore, the 4th withdrawal month holds more flexibility, allowing traders to request any amount if, after requesting, the total balance is still within the range of the required minimum account balance.


Having several account numbers is not restricted to the request. If you have 5 accounts of $25k each, you can request a maximum of $1500 for each account, all together, it will be $7500. You can request two withdrawal periods in a month, as long as the minimum withdrawal balance is met, there is no cause for alarm. After the fourth withdrawal period, any amount can be requested.

Exploring the Wise Payment Process

Payments done on Apex Trader Funding utilize, Wise, a wire transfer method. This is a new medium by which payment is made to the traders. The standard rules abiding by the mode of Wise payment are less complicated than those of the previous mode of payment, which is Deel. Wise is now becoming the new payment mode among most trading firms because of its favorable business activity.  


Wise payment methods are as follows:

As a Performance Account dealer trader who wants to request a payout using Wise, you will be directed to the Request page. A trader in the evaluation stage does not need to fill out any forms. Meanwhile, this only applies to people in the United States using ACH payments and Wise Account, where you request directly. For a non-citizen of the United States, the use of Wise is not permitted. All that is required is a setting to international mode. It follows a series of processes and they are:

  • Login to your account 
  • Choose a payment method.
  • The displayed data should be erased 
  • Choose payment type 
  • Click international

  • Click "Save," and a notification is sent to the email.

Trader's Review and Feedback

The Apex Trader Funding Payout Process is one of the easiest ways to process withdrawal requests because of its easy rules to follow. On several online platforms, several positive remarks and comments are given regarding the payout request process. One of the customers' comments rated it 5 out of 5 because of the wonderful experience. No brand will exist without having a negative review, but for Apex's trade payout, the positive feedback numbers overshadow the negatives, making it stand out among other trade platforms.

Payout Process Comparison: Apex Trader Funding vs. TradeDay

When comparing the payout process of Apex Trader Funding with alternative trading firms like TradeDay, a notable difference arises in the timeframe for withdrawal requests. Unlike Apex Trader Funding, which restricts withdrawal requests to specific periods (1st–5th and 15th–20th), TradeDay allows traders to make withdrawal requests at any time, offering more flexibility in this regard.

TradeDay offers an impressive earnings structure, allowing traders to enjoy the flexibility to withdraw profits at their discretion, with no limitations on withdrawal frequency, albeit subject to a minimum withdrawal threshold of $500. Payout requests are handled subsequent to the end-of-day trade report, which runs at 4:30 pm CT. This provides traders with increased flexibility to manage their profits as they see fit.

Both companies share similar profit payout structures, granting traders 100% of their initial payout requests on the platforms. However, the added flexibility in managing profits makes TradeDay a compelling option for traders seeking greater control over their earnings.


The Apex Trader Funding payout guidelines are easy to adhere to, both for beginners and professionals. Following the rules will ease any complicated issues that can arise during the review period. Traders should stay consistent, reach the minimum trading days, and also request a payout at the right time.


The minimum balance on each account size must be strictly followed to avoid account crashes or request denials. Do not request a payout when your account balance is not up to the required balance. Each account balance depends on the account size that is opened.


As a trader, after making a payout request, trading activity can continue. Trade wisely and be aware of the minimum account balance to know how to go about your trading. It is advised to trade correctly by following the rules.


If you have any inquiries to make about the Apex Trader Funding payout, do well to reach out to the support team, as they are ready to render you any assistance you need.