Revealing the Truth: Comprehensive BluSky Trading Reviews

BluSky Trading Company is a futures trading firm that provides traders with the opportunity to trade live accounts after successfully passing an evaluation. With support for popular platforms such as Tradovate, TradingView, and Rithmic, BluSky Trading offers a comprehensive trading experience for its users. Traders can either use the provided free license of NinjaTrader/Tradovate or bring their own Rithmic-compatible trading platforms, giving them flexibility in their trading setup.

In this article, we will dive deep into BluSky Trading reviews to uncover the truth about this prop trading firm. We will explore an overview of the company, compare it with competitor prop firms, discuss the pros and cons, examine trader experience and support, and analyze the pricing and profit split model. By the end of this comprehensive review, readers will have a clear understanding of what BluSky Trading Company offers and whether it aligns with their trading goals. Those interested in joining can also take advantage of the available BluSky Trading promo code to get started.

Overview of BluSky Trading Company

BluSky Trading Company is a futures trading firm that offers traders the opportunity to trade live accounts after successfully passing an evaluation. The company supports more than 80 futures contracts across major asset categories and futures exchanges, including CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX, and EUREX. BluSky Trading is committed to transparency, integrity, and trader satisfaction.

Key features of BluSky Trading Company include:

  • Premium and Static Evaluations
  • No funded consistency or minimum-day payout rules
  • Real brokerage accounts provided
  • Same-day account activation after passing Evaluation
  • Discord, Support, Sign In, and Sign Up Free services available
  • Outstanding customer service with dedicated support email and phone number
  • Based in St. Petersburg, United States

BluSky Trading Company offers three trading plans: Advanced 25K, Premium 50K, and Premium+ 100K. Each plan has its own profit goal, trailing drawdown, daily loss limit, consistency, minimum trading days, data, NinjaTrader License, and 50% Off TraderVue. The evaluation rules and payouts vary based on the plan. In the earning phase (BluLive), there is no daily loss limit, consistency, or minimum trading days. The earning phase (Brokerage) has no profit goal, and withdrawals can be made freely.

The company provides free licensing on three of the most popular trading platforms: Tradovate, TradingView, and NinjaTrader. BluSky Trading also supports various professional trading platforms, including Quantower, Bookmap, Jigsaw Trading, Sierra Chart, and Motivewave. Traders can receive up to 90% of the profits in the funding program, with real capital funding and withdrawals available from Day 1 once funded. The firm offers simple rules and simple funding, with a discount through FTPDEAL, usually between 25% to 50% off.

Comparison with Competitor Prop Firms

BluSky Trading Company stands out among its competitors in the prop trading industry by offering a streamlined path to real brokerage accounts with fewer restrictions and a more favorable payout structure. The firm competes with a wide range of prop firms, including well-known names such as FTMO, TopStep Trader, and Earn2Trade, as well as lesser-known companies like Apex Trader Funding, Elite Trader Funding, and

When comparing BluSky Trading to, several key differences emerge:


BluSky Trading

Initial Capital

$25,000 - $150,000

$1,250 - $200,000

Price Range

$82 - $199

$79 - $3,460

Profit Split

Up to 90%

70% - 90%

Tradable Products

Forex, Metals, Indices, Energy, Financials, Meats, Grains

Forex, Metals, Indices, Crypto

Trading Platform

NinjaTrader/Tradovate, TradingView, Jigsaw Trading, Bookmap

MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

Live Account or Demo

Live accounts

Demo accounts

BluSky Trading also compares favorably to Apex Trader Funding, Elite Trader Funding, and TopStep. While these competitors offer simulated accounts, more complex pricing structures, and additional restrictions, BluSky Trading provides live trading accounts, pays traders when they get paid, and maintains simple rules, including an eight-day evaluation period, a thirty percent consistency rule, a daily loss limit, and a trailing drawdown.

Ultimately, BluSky Trading is considered the best choice for futures traders due to its low fees, access to various exchanges, and complimentary resources such as coaching, a Discord server, and the ability to use trading robots. This combination of features and benefits sets BluSky Trading apart from its competitors in the prop trading space.

Pros and Cons of BluSky Trading Company

  • BluSky Trading Company has received positive reviews from various sources, including a 4.6 out of 5 rating based on 123 reviews on their website, with 90% being 5-star reviews. The company also responds to negative reviews within a week, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • The firm offers a unique profit-sharing model that rewards successful traders, with payouts starting at 80% and increasing to 90% as the account grows. Withdrawals are processed daily, and there is no minimum trading day requirement for payouts.
  • BluSky Trading provides a comprehensive evaluation process that simulates real trading conditions, allowing aspiring traders to demonstrate their skills and conform to trading standards. The evaluation rules are straightforward, and the only rule that forfeits the account is exceeding the maximum loss limit.
  • After passing the evaluation, traders benefit from the removal of the daily loss limit, a static trailing drawdown, and no setup fee. The goal balance also transfers over to the live, funded brokerage account, where traders can enjoy real money trading with no limit on payout amounts over the safety buffer.
  • BluSky Trading offers a range of support and educational resources, including free 1-on-1 coaching by futures trading experts, a community-oriented Discord chat room, and access to multiple cutting-edge trading platforms. The company also allows trading with automated robots and provides trading courses, strategies, and simulators for futures, options, and day traders.

However, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • The trading evaluation pass rate between April 1, 2023 – Nov 30, 2023 was only 16.9%, indicating that the evaluation process is challenging even for experienced traders. This may discourage some aspiring traders from joining the program.
  • The monthly data fee of $122 per month per exchange for access to all markets may be considered high by some traders, especially those just starting or with limited capital.
  • BluSky Trading offers fewer account sizes compared to other prop trading firms, which may limit the options available for traders with different capital levels.

Trader Experience and Support

BluSky Trading Company offers a comprehensive support system for traders, including a community-oriented Discord server where traders can interact and share insights. The company provides a free license of NinjaTrader for trading, ensuring that traders have access to the tools they need to succeed.

The firm's mission is to help traders achieve long-term success by offering a platform with better tools, pricing, and fewer restrictive rules. BluSky Trading aims to provide guidance and support for those seeking to become professional and profitable traders, with a focus on transparency and consistency in their evaluation process.

Traders who have worked with BluSky Trading have shared positive reviews, praising the company's professional approach, commitment to long-term success, and simple funded account rules. The company offers a range of resources to support traders, including:

  • A real-time dashboard for tracking evaluations
  • An affiliate program
  • Daily withdrawals with no minimum trading day or consistency requirements
  • A straightforward assessment with basic guidelines
  • Immediate account activation upon passing the evaluation
  • A learning and wrap-up session on YouTube called "Beyond the Bell with Matt," covering current-day price action and next-day prep
  • You can establish a daily loss threshold for a funded trading account to safeguard it from permanent closure
  • Access a complimentary live trading room, guided by a seasoned professional trader, available every day from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST

BluSky Trading supports a wide range of trading instruments, including futures, and popular platforms such as ATAS, Bookmap, Motivewave, NinjaTrader, Quantower, R Trader, and Sierra Charts. The company's funded trader program offers up to 90% of profits to traders using their live accounts, with no minimum days until first withdrawal and an immediate withdrawal process.

Pricing and Profit Split Model

BluSky Trading Company offers a unique pricing structure and profit split model designed to reward successful traders. The evaluation account system allows aspiring traders to demonstrate their skills by meeting profit objectives, managing risks, and conforming to trading standards. To get started, traders pay a one-time connection fee of $85 for a funded account and can continue using their existing trader License Key from their original trading platform provider.

BluSky Trading offers three primary account types:


Account Type

Profit Goal

Trailing Drawdown

Daily Loss Limit

Advanced 25K




Premium 50K




Premium+ 100K




The profit split model operates on a tiered scale:

  • 80% of profits up to $20,000
  • 85% of profits from $20,000 to $50,000
  • 90% of profits over $50,000
  • Custom deals for profits over $100,000

This model incentivizes traders to grow their accounts, as the profit share increases with the amount withdrawn. Once traders are in a full brokerage account, BluSky Trading charges data fees per market. The cost of the program ranges from $96 to $290, making it an affordable option for traders looking to access professional-level trading opportunities.


BluSky Trading Company emerges as a compelling choice for traders seeking a transparent and supportive prop trading firm. With its focus on providing real brokerage accounts, competitive profit splits, and a range of educational resources, the company aims to empower traders to achieve long-term success. While the evaluation process may be challenging, BluSky Trading's commitment to transparency and simplicity sets it apart from its competitors.

As traders consider their options in the prop trading landscape, BluSky Trading Company stands out as a firm dedicated to fostering a community of successful traders. By offering a streamlined path to live trading, comprehensive support, and attractive profit-sharing opportunities, BluSky Trading positions itself as a strong contender for those looking to take their trading careers to the next level. Ultimately, the company's combination of features, benefits, and trader-centric approach makes it a compelling choice for aspiring and experienced traders alike.


Q: Can BluSky Prop Firm be considered a legitimate company?
A: Yes, BluSky Prop Firm is legitimate, offering real funded accounts rather than simulated ones. The firm is known for its attractive profit split, allowing traders to earn over 90% through its innovative business model. Additionally, BluSky has fewer rules and restrictions compared to other proprietary trading firms, which makes it an appealing option for traders.