Elite Trader Funding: Review, Promo Code & Benefits

Elite Trader Funding is an establishment of financial funding that provides answers to traders. The platform provides funds for people hoping to engage in the trading world. It is a non-banking financial company. Understanding the concept of the platform will help traders achieve a better output of buying and selling. Before getting involved, a coupon code can be used to get a reduction in the service fee at a discounted price. The review write-up will give important information about the ETF financial institution and what makes it stand out among other trading platforms.

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Overview of Elite Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding, sometimes called ETF, is a prop trading firm that has a strong reputation in the trading world. It is committed to providing a range of financial support to programs for traders to utilize. It also engages in equity futures trading and cryptocurrency futures trading. Furthermore, it is a home for both investors and traders, whether they are novices or professional. For any level of trading experience, Elite Trader Funding has something for you. The firm's great reputation and flexible, well-to-do, and profitable features make it the right destination to partner with for trading activity. However, it comprises unique features and an outstanding customer support system. Some features of the firm are listed below:


  • Assessment of the user's account data
  • Supervision of the improvement in the challenge
  • Statement on trades
  • Following referral compensation
  • Present proposal on withdrawal of earnings
  • Modify security setting

Traditional Funding vs Elite Trader Funding

The traditional method is an old way for business owners to get funds to do financial transactions by borrowing money from financial institutions or investment companies. Categorically, it frequently has certain criteria and procedures in place for business owners to know what to follow to validate such funds. There is no managerial expertise available to guide how to use the fund. The difference between Elite Trader Funding and traditional funding is the technology and modernized way of giving funds to businesses, and Elite Trader is a non-banking sector. It is also more of a long-term system and does not require a long process of inflexible criteria before qualifying for the fund system. With the fund being provided, the firm gets to earn some percentage of its profit. The more progressive you are, the more funds become accessible, and then the more profit you get to cash out. It also provides risk management capabilities to traders.

Benefits of Elite Trader Funding

The benefits offered by ETF give the firm a reputable name over other trading platforms. Therefore, the advantages of the trading platform are listed below:


  • Propriety Trading Opportunity: Traders have the chance to do business in a faux trading situation and showcase what they can do with the opportunity provided by the firm to aid traders in making a living for real market use.


  • Multiple Evaluation Styles: The firm provides various evaluation types for traders to choose from. This proposes flexible features of the organization with distinct details of property. It has evaluation features like initial balance, maximum trading days, profit marks, and drawdown threshold. Traders can choose the most convenient evaluation for their trading style.


  • Suitable for Novices and Professionals: The funding firm is open to any trader's level of experience. It has options that best suit a novice and an experienced trader. Relatively speaking, it caters to novice traders by providing funds they can use to gain experience without staking their money. More so, professionals are given the privilege of using multiple accounts under one login, and funds are also given to them.


  • Clarity: The setup plan of the institution is transparent when it comes to its evaluation process, and it is a user-friendly platform with easily laid-out rules guiding the institution. The rules guiding the drawdown limit to the profit target are clear and easily understandable, even for newcomers. The customer support system has outstanding knowledge to guide users through the platform.

Elite Trader Funding Options

The funding option has different fund systems that are associated with the provision of trading funds for traders. It has several fund options that traders can choose from depending on their style and what they can cope with. Furthermore, it is created in such a way to match any level of trading ability, so that no one is left out. Their funding options are as follows:


  • Trader development programs: For novices in the trading world, the development option is available to build and guide their trading skills. These programs provide funds that enable traders to develop themselves and practice until they become professionals.


  • Developed Trader Program: This program is for experienced and professional traders, so they can benefit. It has a more advanced fund system and also offers substantial profit split options. So, it is given that professionals earn more than novices.


  • Professional Trader Program: This program is designed for traders with a significant trading record that can be proven. Additionally, it is a platform that gives out capital to professionals looking for high capital for their trading businesses.


The platform has received favorable reviews and compliments from users from all around the world for its credibility and reliability. This is proof of their excellence in providing and also helping in trading activities. Trustpilot has been rated highly on a scale of 4.6 and has a significant positive response, outstanding customer support, and a remarkable payout system. As a customer said, "Fast, helpful, and good customer support. They listen to their traders". You do not have to look elsewhere for a trustable futures trading platform, Elite Trader Funding is readily available.

Elite Trade Funding Payouts Process

The Elite Trader Funding payout procedure undergoes three cycles, and the first cycle requires a trading activity that has a minimum of 15 trading days and has a profit up to +100 drawdowns. The second cycle requires 15 minimum trading days after the first payout. The third is a minimum of 10 days beyond that of the prior payout. Do not make a payout of a balance if it is below the minimum amount of account size to avoid account restriction. Payouts are authorized daily, which means payments are made within 24 hours after the withdrawal order. To receive a successful payout, it has to meet the trading-day cycle principle.


On ETF, the fees are taken on by the firm, and all the rights to payout funds are reserved by the organization. On the first trading job, all the profit is received by the trader, and in the aftermath, 90% is received by the user. Furthermore, a payout can only be made when the daily profit made is not up to 40% of the overall profit that has been made. This is called the 40% consistency rule. For you to have an account on Elite, you must pass the evaluation account stage, and then trades can start to occur from the drawdown until you reach the $100 payout rate.

Trade Rules information

As a trader joining a new platform, one of the best ways to be successful and achieve outstanding growth is to do what is expected at the right time. Following the rules is one way to do the right thing. Before engaging in trading, here are the rules attached:


  • Trading time does not extend overnight. All trade must be closed before the close of the market officially. The time represented by each market type of food is different. One of the tests during the evaluation of the evaluation account or Elite account is the ability to close every trade position activity before the day's closing time. If at any time you fall below the minimum drawdown amount, then you can restart the evaluation process.


  • The firm restricts users from having multiple positions. Any break of the rule would result in the account being closed down. All the profit would be forfeited, failing the evaluation and elite account.

Eligibility criteria for joining

In this case, what you have to do is display your trading skills and prove that you can generate consistent profits to become a funded trader. This can be done through a simulated trading environment or a live account.


Accounts involved on Elite:

  • Standard account: It has a single process of challenge with the intraday drawdown. This account occupies $10,000 to $300,000 with a subscription of $80.


  • End-of-day account: An account with a balance of $25,000 to $250,000 with a trailing drawdown of a one-time challenge that is also subscribed at $80 for the challenge to end.


  • Accelerated account: It is almost the same as the end-of-day account because it also needs a subscription fee of $80 for challenge actualization with an account balance ranging from $25,000 to $250,000.


Money can be withdrawn using a wallet, bank account, or even bank card.

Elite Trader Funding vs Apex Trade Funding

Overview of Apex Trader Funding

This is a prop trading foundation that also engages in futures trading. It is located in the USA. It provides an account of about $300,000 with a profit split of 90% for the users and 10% for the firm after the users get 100% of the $25,000 profit payout, which is the first withdrawal. An evaluation account needs to be completed before assessing a funded account. The ETF and Apex Trader can be quite similar but still possess some distinct properties, which are both analyzed below:

  • Prop firm details

Apex Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding

Year founded



Office location

Austin, Texas, USA

Florida, USA

Maximum balance



Keep first profits



  • Instrument used

There is various instrument that is allowed by both trading system in terms of CFD and future tools. In regards to CFD tools Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stock, and Crypto, both trade funders are not associated with them.

Future assets like Equity Future, Foreign Exchange Futures, Agricultural Futures, Energy Futures, Interest Rate Futures, Metals Futures, and Crypto Futures are all endorsed.

  • Funding programs

They both have a different program identity. Here are some comparisons;


Apex Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding

One step evaluation



Two-step evaluation

Not available


Fast Track Evaluations

Not available


  • Review stat on Trustpilot

These are the comparisons between the rate and reviews given on the reputable platform


Apex Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding




Trustpilot Rating






  • Unrestricted offer

This is an offer that makes the s product readily available before actually putting some money into it. Concerning checking out what you are about to engage with, checking out a platform to form some sort of bond is not out of the boundary, which further leads to learning the firm principle before delving deep into it. Some companies offer free trial opportunities, while others may not offer. Let's compare Apex and Elite in terms of free product


Apex Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding

Free repeat

Not available

The Fast Track Evaluation provides an opportunity for a complimentary reattempt. Here's how it works: If you fail to attain the profit objective within 14 days, your account can be converted into a 1 Step Evaluation account of identical magnitude.

Free reset

At renewal

Not available

Free trial

Not available


  • Trading technique

There are different ways in which trade can be done. And these two funds have donated the difference in trading style. Now let's get down to the comparison.


Apex Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding

Scalping Trading

Not available


Day Trading



Swing Trading

Not available


Copy Trading


Not available

News Trading

Not available


EAs/Bots/Algos Trading

Not available


  • Trading hours

The hours of trade between both prop firm is quite similar because they both do not allow trade position overnight or over the weekend.

Managing Multiple Account

Managing multiple accounts can be quite challenging, but we are here to provide the information needed in line with the Elite Trader Funding principle. Two accounts are associated with the platform, which are the evaluation and elite accounts. On these two accounts, users can have 20 active accounts, which are easily capable of reducing risk by managing the effect of business casualties. This implies that just one failing account will not affect the total trading activity. Furthermore, multiple accounts combine the diversity of traders' advantages to immerse them in various trading options. Each of the accounts can have diverse trading methods. With these, there are chances of an increase in profit while reducing risk. To use multiple accounts for trading, the necessary information is as follows:

  • Do not trade with the same instrument using multiple accounts to prevent any issues. A trader should not open two positions using the same instrument on multiple accounts that are associated with them.


  • This applies to all elite trading fund members.


  • Doing this can cause market manipulation and unreal fee activity. It can sabotage the market value.


  • Any users going against the rule will result in an instantaneous hiatus on the account they opened. The firm is at liberty to consider legal action if necessary. To avoid evaluation and reduce the risk of a fall in market price, every user must abide by the rules laid down.

Final thoughts

Elite Trader Funding is a prop firm that aids in providing funds for traders seeking help. It holds a learning feature to help traders who are not well-equipped in business strategy, especially newcomers, achieve outstanding business output. It provides a different range of programs that are available to everyone. Furthermore, it is flexible and has an easy-to-use interface. Its Discord channel helps traders keep track of business activity and also enables them to stay connected to supervise their accounts sufficiently.


Reviews received from different platforms, especially Trustpilot have proven it to be a top-notch funding trade program. Business experts assigned to the platform are dedicated and ready to help you achieve an outstanding trade result. The comparison between the two fund companies has been listed. It is advisable to check each benefit and disadvantage before engaging with any fund firm. Choose any firm whose rules and flexibility fit your trading techniques.