Is Elite Trader Funding Worth It? Detailed Reviews and Analysis

Elite Trader Funding stands as a beacon for traders seeking a pivotal shift in their trading journey, offering a unique platform that enables them to earn live funding through simulated account performance. With its diverse range of evaluation types including the 1 Step, Static Drawdown, and the innovative Diamond Hands Evaluations, it captivates a broad audience. The platform, celebrated in elite trader funding reviews, has cemented its position by providing a funded program that empowers traders to hone their skills while mitigating personal financial risk.

The company differentiates itself with a tailored funding program that encompasses various levels and profit-sharing models, ensuring a fit for traders of all proficiencies. This introduction to elite trader funding review, elite trader funding payout rules, and insights into the elite trader funding activation fee aims to shed light on how its offerings stack against other funded trading programs. In the ensuing segments, a thorough analysis will explore the features, benefits, pricing, and the vital support network that Elite Trader Funding pledges to its community.

Elite Trader Funding: An Overview

Elite Trader Funding (ETF) is a proprietary trading firm that has quickly established itself in the financial sector. Founded in February 2022 by a team with extensive experience in banking and trading, ETF offers a platform for traders to showcase their skills in a simulated environment, with the potential to trade live markets based on performance.

Key Features and Offerings

  1. Evaluation Programs: ETF provides various evaluation programs such as 1 Step, Static Drawdown, Fast Track, End of Day Drawdown, and Diamond Hands Evaluations, catering to different trading styles and preferences.
  2. Profit Sharing: Traders can retain 100% of their first $12,500 in profits and 90% thereafter, promoting a lucrative opportunity for successful traders.
  3. Funding Levels: Offers funded accounts ranging from $10,000 to $300,000, allowing traders of all levels to find a suitable challenge.
  4. Support and Education: Specializes in futures markets, providing education and support to enhance trader expertise and performance.
  5. Technology and Tools: Includes a free NinjaTrader license key and real-time data during evaluation and elite phases, supporting traders with high-quality tools.

Community and Accessibility

  • Trader Community: ETF encourages a vibrant community where traders can interact, share strategies, and support each other.
  • Flexible Payout Options: Payments are made through Rise, with flexible withdrawal options including ACH and crypto, accommodating a broad range of user preferences.

This overview highlights Elite Trader Funding's commitment to fostering a robust trading environment through comprehensive support, diverse evaluation options, and substantial profit-sharing models.

Features and Benefits

Elite Trader Funding (ETF) offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to benefit traders at all levels of experience. Here’s a detailed look at the key aspects:

Evaluation Options and Account Flexibility

ETF provides a variety of evaluation programs, including 50K Eval, 100K Eval, 150K Eval, 250K Eval, and 300K Eval, each tailored to different trading styles and risk appetites. This flexibility ensures that traders can find a program that best suits their trading strategy.

Profit Sharing and Financial Incentives

Traders benefit significantly from ETF’s profit-sharing model. They keep 100% of their first $12,500 in profits and 90% thereafter, which is highly competitive in the industry. This model serves as a strong incentive for traders to perform well, as their potential earnings are substantial.

Advanced Trading Tools and Support

All accounts come with a free NinjaTrader license key and real-time data, providing traders with top-notch tools necessary for successful trading. Additionally, ETF supports popular platforms like Tradovate, Rithmic, and TradingView, catering to diverse trading preferences.

Flexible Payout Options and Community Support

Payments are processed through Rise, offering flexible withdrawal options such as ACH and crypto, catering to a global audience. Moreover, ETF fosters a supportive community environment where traders can share strategies and experiences, enhancing the learning curve for new traders.

Unique Trading Conditions

ETF stands out by allowing trading across various futures instruments including Equity Futures, Foreign Exchange Futures, and more, without restrictive trading conditions. Traders enjoy benefits like holding trades overnight (Diamond Hands account) and no restrictions on news trading, providing them with a substantial operational advantage.

These features collectively create a robust platform that not only helps traders to sharpen their skills but also offers them a real chance at financial success without risking personal capital.

Pricing and Promo Offers

Elite Trader Funding offers a competitive pricing structure tailored to various levels of trader expertise and commitment. Here’s a breakdown of the costs associated with their programs:

Evaluation and Subscription Fees

1.  Monthly Evaluations:

  • 50K Eval: $165 every 30 days
  • 100K Eval: $205 every 30 days
  • 150K Eval: $295 every 30 days
  • 250K Eval: $515 every 30 days
  • 300K Eval: $655 every 30 days

2.  Subscription Fees:

  • Monthly fee for qualified real accounts: $80 across all account types

Activation and Reset Fees

  • One-time Activation Fee: $80 (applies once qualified for real account trading)
  • Evaluation Reset Fee: $75 (optional, for traders needing a fresh start)

Promotions and Discounts

  • Anniversary Promotions:
  • 90% discount on evaluations with code FTPDEAL
  • No minimum trade days required for evaluations purchased during promotion
  • 10 free evaluations upon passing a discounted evaluation and activation

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  • Reward Points:
  • Double reward points on purchases (evaluations or resets) during promotional periods

Free Trials and Offers

  • 14-Day Free Trials:
  • Available for new users to test the 250K Fast Track account
  • Free real-time data and NinjaTrader license included during the trial

Elite Trader Funding’s pricing and promotional offers are designed to accommodate traders at different levels, providing flexibility and encouraging long-term engagement with the platform. Their unique approach to pricing, coupled with frequent promotions, makes it an attractive option for traders looking to maximize their potential earnings and trading experience.

Trading Platforms and Tools

Elite Trader Funding supports a robust array of trading platforms, accommodating a variety of trading preferences. The supported platforms include popular options such as NinjaTrader, Rithmic, Tradovate, and TradingView. This diversity ensures that traders can select the platform that best fits their trading style and technical requirements.

Platform Features and Evaluation Options

  1. Multiple Account Management: Traders can manage multiple accounts under a single login, simplifying the workflow and enhancing efficiency.
  2. Diverse Evaluation Levels: The platform offers five types of evaluations—1-Step Evaluations, EOD Drawdown Evaluation, Fast Track Evaluations, Static Evaluations, and Diamond Hands Evaluation. Each comes with distinct profit targets and trailing drawdowns, catering to different risk tolerances and trading strategies.

Risk Management and Trading Conditions

  • Drawdown Limits: While there is no general maximum drawdown requirement, specific limits are set for trailing and intraday drawdowns, helping traders manage risk effectively.
  • Market Closure Trading Rules: All trades must be closed 1 minute before the market closes, ensuring compliance with market regulations and minimizing risks associated with overnight holding.

Platform Accessibility and Risk Assessment

  • Leverage and Partnership Programs: Leverage is customized individually, allowing traders to choose levels that suit their trading approach and risk appetite. Additionally, a profitable partnership program is available, offering further financial incentives.
  • TU Overall Score: Elite Trader Funding has a TU Overall Score of 6.43 out of 10, ranking it 7th among 41 companies. This score indicates a moderate-risk investment opportunity based on comprehensive platform analysis.

This section outlines the key trading platforms and tools offered by Elite Trader Funding, highlighting the flexibility and comprehensive support provided to traders, which are crucial for effective trading and risk management.

Customer Support and Resources

Elite Trader Funding provides comprehensive customer support, ensuring that users can access assistance efficiently and effectively. Here are the primary methods through which support is offered:

Email and Ticket Submission

Users can reach out to the support team via email or by submitting a support ticket through the platform. The ticket submission process is streamlined, requiring users to fill out fields such as email, name, platform, category, subject, and message. Importantly, while the Account ID is optional, it is advised not to submit multiple tickets for the same issue to avoid delays.

AI-Powered Support and Live Chat

An AI-powered system enhances the support framework, offering prompt responses to common queries. Additionally, a live chat feature is available during standard customer service hours for real-time assistance.

Help Center and Educational Resources

The Help Center on Elite Trader Funding’s website is a valuable resource, featuring articles on a wide range of topics from getting started guides to specific platform instructions like installing NinjaTrader on macOS. Users can also find detailed information about contract expirations, trading policies, and more.

Standard Service Hours

Support services are available from 8 am to 4 pm CST, Monday to Friday. Users are encouraged to contact during these hours for the fastest response. It’s also recommended to check the spam folder if responses are not visible in the inbox, as all requests are handled in the order they were received.

This structured support system ensures that traders at Elite Trader Funding have multiple avenues to seek help and gather necessary information, enhancing their trading experience and platform usability.

Comparing Elite Trader Funding to Other Funded Trading Programs

Elite Trader Funding (ETF) and Funded Trading Plus are two prominent platforms in the funded trading sphere, both offering a range of financial instruments including Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stocks, and Crypto in various formats such as CFDs, Futures, and non-CFD Crypto. Here's a detailed comparison based on several key aspects:

Evaluation Programs and Funding Limits

Both platforms provide One-Step and Two-Step Evaluation programs along with Instant Funding options. However, Funded Trading Plus offers a significantly higher maximum balance of $2,500,000 compared to ETF's $300,000, catering to traders seeking larger scale funding.

Profit and Fee Structure

ETF allows traders to keep the first $12,500 of their profits entirely, which is a unique feature compared to Funded Trading Plus that charges a Challenge Fee. This could be a decisive factor for traders prioritizing initial profit retention over potential higher balance limits.

User Ratings and Trust

Trustpilot ratings are a vital indicator of user satisfaction. Funded Trading Plus leads with a 4.9/5.0 rating from 1,455 reviews, suggesting a higher overall user satisfaction compared to ETF’s 4.0/5.0 rating from 82 reviews.

Drawdown Rules and Trading Conditions

ETF offers Fast Track Evaluations with up to $6,500 in drawdown allowance and Static Drawdown Evaluations with a fixed maximum loss, providing clarity and consistency in trading conditions. In contrast, Funded Trading Plus imposes a maximum daily drawdown and total loss limit of 6%, which might appeal to traders who prefer tight risk management frameworks.

Considerations for Choosing a Funded Trading Program

When selecting a funded trading program, traders should consider various factors such as initial capital requirements, profit split, scalable plans, tradable products, daily loss limits, types of evaluations, leverage, account types (live or demo), maximum drawdown, trading days, profit targets, supported trading platforms, trading styles, and weekend trading availability. These factors help in tailoring the choice to the trader’s specific needs and strategies.

This comparison highlights the strengths and limitations of both Elite Trader Funding and Funded Trading Plus, providing traders with critical insights to make informed decisions based on personal trading preferences and goals.


Through a comprehensive analysis, we've delved into the multifaceted offerings of Elite Trader Funding, spotlighting its unique profit-sharing model, diverse evaluation options, and supportive trading environment. The platform's distinct features, from generous profit retention to flexible payout options and a robust support system, underscore its value proposition to both novice and experienced traders alike. Ultimately, ETF presents a compelling case as a vehicle for futures traders to both showcase and hone their trading acumen, backed by educational resources and a vibrant community.

Given the competitive landscape of funded trading programs, Elite Trader Funding stands out for its blend of accessibility, financial incentives, and comprehensive support. Its approach to trader success, emphasizing skill development and community engagement, reinforces the platform's commitment to empowering traders. For those considering stepping into or advancing within the world of funded trading, taking advantage of opportunities like Elite Trader Funding’s 14-day free trial can be a pivotal first step. Claim your free trial and embark on a journey to unlock your trading potential, leveraging the platform's robust offerings to achieve your financial objectives.


Q: Can I trust Elite Trader Funding as a legitimate company? A: Absolutely, Elite Trader Funding is a legitimate entity. If you need to get in touch with them, it's best to use the contact form on their official website.

Q: What are some of the main competitors to Elite Trader Funding? A: Elite Trader Funding faces competition from several other companies in the industry. Notable alternatives include Apex Trader Funding, TradersYard, and The Funding Company.

Q: What fees does Elite Trader Funding charge for their services? A: For all sim-funded accounts that have met the qualification criteria, Elite Trader Funding charges a recurring monthly fee of $80.00 USD.