FlexyTrade Review: Is It the Best Prop Firm in 2024?

In the ever-evolving world of futures trading, choosing the right proprietary trading firm can be a defining decision for traders aiming to leverage their skills without significant capital. Enter FlexyTrade, a name that has stirred interest and curiosity among trading communities for its innovative approach and potential as a game-changer in the industry. This FlexyTrade Review dives into the features, rules, and payout system of what many are calling the most flexible futures trading prop firm in 2024, spotlighting its unmatched trading conditions that set it apart from the competition.

Covered in this review are key aspects that traders prioritize when selecting a prop firm, including FlexyTrade's offering of multiple account types and bundles, the software and platforms it supports, and the details of its withdrawal process. A close examination of FlexyTrade Reviews reveals insights into the firm’s operational rules and the breadth of opportunities it presents, from no scaling in trading size to the ability to copy trade across up to 20 accounts without monthly fees. Each facet of FlexyTrade will be scrutinized to offer readers a comprehensive understanding of whether it stands as the best prop firm choice heading into 2024.

FlexyTrade Features

FlexyTrade distinguishes itself in the futures trading market with features designed to empower traders with flexibility and control over their trading strategies. These features are particularly tailored to accommodate various trading styles and preferences, ensuring that traders can operate under conditions that best suit their needs.

One-Time Fee

FlexyTrade offers a straightforward financial structure, requiring only a one-time payment to participate in their trading challenges. This fee covers all necessary resources for completion, eliminating any ongoing charges for the challenge itself. This approach not only simplifies the financial commitments for traders but also enhances accessibility to the trading resources provided by FlexyTrade.

No Daily Loss Limit

In a significant departure from conventional trading restrictions, FlexyTrade imposes no daily loss limits. This policy allows traders to operate with greater freedom and without the fear of hitting a loss ceiling that could prematurely end their trading day. It empowers traders to pursue more aggressive or extended trading strategies during volatile market conditions, where the potential for high returns might coincide with higher risks.

Trading During News and Events

FlexyTrade stands out by permitting trading during news releases and significant market events, a feature not commonly allowed by many prop firms. This flexibility is crucial for traders who specialize in news-based trading strategies that capitalize on the volatility triggered by major news events. By not restricting trades during these periods, FlexyTrade provides its traders with the opportunity to leverage these moments for potential gains.

These features collectively contribute to FlexyTrade's reputation as a flexible and trader-centric prop firm, appealing to a broad spectrum of traders looking for fewer restrictions and more control over their trading endeavors.

Multiple Accounts and Bundles

FlexyTrade offers unparalleled flexibility for traders seeking to manage multiple accounts seamlessly. Traders can have an unlimited number of Evaluation accounts under a single login. This feature is especially beneficial for those who wish to experiment with different strategies across various accounts without the hassle of managing multiple logins.

Multiple Accounts

FlexyTrade allows traders to manage up to 20 Performance Accounts, facilitating a broad range of trading strategies and styles. The integration of all funded accounts under one login not only simplifies the management process but also enables the use of trade copiers, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in executing trades.

Bundles Pricing and Benefits

FlexyTrade introduces an innovative approach to account management with its bundles option. Traders can purchase bundles of 5 or 10 accounts, which not only simplifies the acquisition process but also offers significant cost savings. The bundles are available in three sizes—25K, 50K, and 100K—catering to different levels of trading experience and capital investment.

Account Type


Total Accounts

25k Intro



50k Intermediate



100k Expert



25k Intro



50k Intermediate



100k Expert



The discount code FTPDEAL offers additional savings on these bundles, making it an attractive option for traders looking to manage multiple accounts efficiently. This structured pricing and the bundled approach ensure that traders can scale their operations without facing the financial and logistical complexities typically associated with managing numerous accounts.

Use of Software and Platforms

FlexyTrade emphasizes providing traders with a diverse array of software and platform options, ensuring that every trader finds the tools that suit their specific needs. This section delves into the primary platform used and the range of compatible software options available for traders.

Rithmic Platform

At the core of FlexyTrade's offerings is the Rithmic trading platform, renowned for its robust performance and comprehensive data services. Traders using FlexyTrade connect through Rithmic, which is known for its high-speed data transmission and reliability, ensuring that traders can execute trades with precision and efficiency. The platform is particularly favored for its ability to handle large volumes of trades without compromising on speed or accuracy, which is crucial for effective derivatives trading.

Compatible Software Options

FlexyTrade supports a wide range of trading software, providing traders the flexibility to choose a platform that best fits their trading style and strategies. Notable among these is Quantower, which is offered for free to FlexyTrade users. Quantower is equipped with advanced features like a DOM Surface and an integrated Copy Trade system, enhancing the trading experience.

Other supported platforms include:

  • Agena Trader

  • Atas

  • Bookmap and Bookmap X-Ray

  • Collective 2

  • Inside Edge

  • Jigsaw Daytradr

  • Medved Trader

  • Motive Wave

  • MultiCharts

  • Optimus Flow

  • Overcharts

  • Photon Trader

  • Quick Screen Trading

  • R Investor

  • Scalp and Scalp Tool

  • Sierra Chart

  • Tiger Trade

  • Trade Navigator

  • TS Lab

  • VolFix.net

These platforms are fully compatible with FlexyTrade, and traders who already possess licenses for any of these software options can easily integrate them with their FlexyTrade accounts. This compatibility underscores FlexyTrade's commitment to providing a trading environment that adapts to the preferences and requirements of its users, further establishing its position as a flexible and trader-focused proprietary trading firm.

FlexyTrade Withdrawal Process

Withdrawal Frequency

In FlexyTrade, traders have the convenience of withdrawing their funds once per month. Requests for payouts can be made at any point during the calendar month, but the actual processing occurs only at the end of the month. This policy ensures that all transactions are consolidated and handled efficiently at a set time, providing clarity and predictability for traders.

Methods of Withdrawal

FlexyTrade offers two primary methods for withdrawing funds: Wire Transfer and Cryptocurrency (USDT Tether TRC20). Traders can select their preferred method when submitting their withdrawal request through the payout request form available on their Dashboard. This flexibility allows traders to choose the most convenient and efficient way to receive their earnings.

Traders are eligible for their first payout once their profits exceed the minimum withdrawal amount of $500, following the necessary safety and consistency rules. The initial $25,000 of accumulated profits is paid out at 100%, allowing traders to fully benefit from their trading success. Beyond this threshold, FlexyTrade applies a modest 10% commission on further profits, supporting the firm's operations while still rewarding traders' achievements.


Throughout this comprehensive review, FlexyTrade has distinguished itself as the most flexible futures trading prop firm, known for its innovative approach towards empowering traders. It demonstrates a clear commitment to facilitating a trading environment that prioritizes adaptability and trader autonomy, from offering a variety of account types and bundles to the freedom of trading without daily loss limits or during major news events. The review highlights how FlexyTrade's unique features, such as trading with no scaling on size, no obligatory trading days, and the ability to manage up to 20 accounts, position it as a frontrunner in the evolving landscape of proprietary trading firms.

Considering the broad spectrum of opportunities presented by FlexyTrade, from its one-time payment structure eliminating recurring costs to its support for an array of trading platforms and software, it's clear why many in the trading community are inclined to see it as the ultimate game-changer in futures trading. For those ready to step into or elevate their trading journey with FlexyTrade, now is an opportune time to leverage the benefits that set this prop firm apart. Make sure to utilize the coupon code FTPDEAL, which offers a staggering 90% off on all challenge plans, making the leap into professional trading more accessible than ever. This embodiment of trading flexibility and the potential for significant savings exemplifies why FlexyTrade is really seen as a leader in its field, promising a conducive and dynamic trading environment for traders worldwide.


1. Which prop trading firms are considered the best? Some of the most popular and highly regarded prop trading firms and funded programs include Bulenox, My Funded Futures, TickTick Trader, Take Profit Trader, TradeDay, Apex Trader Funding, and BluSky Trading Company.

2. Does FlexyTrade offer regular payouts? Yes, FlexyTrade consistently provides payouts. Payments are made monthly, typically on the first day of the month or sometimes even the day before. You can request your payout via your dashboard, and it will be processed at the end of the month or on the 1st.

3. Is FlexyTrade a legitimate company? FlexyTrade is recognized for its competitive pricing, significant discounts, and simplified rules. The signup process is straightforward, even for multiple accounts, and there are no ongoing fees. Additionally, FlexyTrade has liberal trading rules, including no daily loss limits, no scaling plan required, and permission to trade during news events.

4. Which prop firm is considered better than My Funded Futures? As of June 2024, My Funded Futures's top competitors include Apex Trader Funding and TradeDay, among others. Apex Trader Funding is currently ranked as the number one Futures prop firm, surpassing My Funded Futures in terms of performance and offerings.