Unlocking Success with the Take Profit Trader Promo Code

The "FTPDEAL" promo code introduces a range of features designed to enhance the trading experience on Take Profit Trader, offering substantial financial benefits and operational flexibility. This promo code is not just a gateway to reduced costs but also a tool that aligns with the trader's long-term success.

Financial Flexibility

With the "FTPDEAL" promo code, traders receive a 40% lifetime discount on subscription fees, starting from their initial payment. This significant reduction in costs is especially beneficial for users of the standard Pro account, which typically costs $200 per month. Under the promo, the cost is reduced to $120 per month, enabling traders to allocate more funds towards trading activities or savings. Moreover, the removal of the one-time activation fee further increases cost-effectiveness, making it easier for new traders to enter the market without substantial initial expenses.

Profit Split Enhancements

The promo code also modifies the profit split structure in the Pro+ accounts, offering an advantageous 90/10 split. This allows traders to retain a larger portion of their earnings, which can be particularly significant for those who achieve high trading volumes. Additionally, the Pro+ accounts benefit from no daily loss limits, providing traders with the freedom to operate without the fear of hitting a threshold that could typically restrict trading activities on particularly volatile days.

These features, combined with up to three free account resets per month, provide traders with the resilience and flexibility needed to experiment and adapt strategies without severe penalties. This comprehensive support system, enhanced by the current promo, ensures that traders have all the necessary tools to maximize their potential in the competitive trading landscape.

How to Access and Apply the Promo Code

Locating the Promo Code

Traders interested in leveraging the benefits of the "FTPDEAL" promo code can easily find it featured prominently on the Take Profit Trader platform. It is also highlighted in the promotional emails sent to prospective and current members, ensuring that all traders are aware of the ongoing offers. Additionally, the promo code is advertised on related trading forums and social media platforms, making it accessible to a broad audience of traders.

Application Steps

  1. Sign Up or Log In: Traders must either sign up for a new account or log in to their existing Take Profit Trader account.
  2. Navigate to Subscription Settings: Once logged in, traders should navigate to the subscription settings section found within their account dashboard.
  3. Enter the Promo Code: In the subscription settings, there will be a designated field for entering promo codes. Here, traders should input "FTPDEAL" to activate the discount.
  4. Confirm and Activate: After entering the promo code, traders need to confirm and finalize their subscription details. The system will automatically apply the 40% lifetime discount and remove any activation fees from the account setup.

By following these steps, traders can ensure they take full advantage of the financial benefits offered by the "FTPDEAL" promo code, enhancing their trading potential and long-term profitability on the Take Profit Trader platform.

Long-Term Benefits of the Promo Code

Sustained Savings

The "FTPDEAL" promo code offers a lifetime discount of 40% on subscription fees, starting from the first payment. This substantial reduction not only lowers initial costs but also accumulates significant savings over time. For traders opting for the standard Pro account, which is normally priced at $200 per month, the cost drops to $120 per month. These savings enhance the trader's ability to either reinvest in trading or increase their savings. Additionally, the removal of the one-time activation fee increases the cost-effectiveness of entering the trading market.

Enhanced Trading Conditions

The promo code also significantly enhances trading conditions by allowing traders to manage up to three Pro accounts and removing the daily loss limit on Pro+ accounts. This flexibility is crucial for traders who engage in high-volume trading or wish to experiment with different strategies without the fear of hitting a loss threshold. Moreover, the favorable 90/10 profit split in Pro+ accounts ensures that traders retain a larger portion of their earnings, further maximizing their potential returns. The ability to reset accounts up to three times a month without financial penalty supports continuous learning and adaptability, crucial for long-term success in trading.


What occurs when the daily loss limit is reached in Take Profit Trader?
When you reach the daily loss limit with Take Profit Trader, the system typically closes your positions automatically due to unrealized losses. If the limit is breached, it results in the immediate liquidation of the trader's account.

How long does it take to pass the Take Profit Trader evaluation?
Take Profit Trader is known for its flexibility in the evaluation process, allowing traders to pass without a mandatory minimum number of trading days. Additionally, there is no scaling in either the evaluation phase or after passing, and traders have control over their own withdrawals.

What is the cost of a Take Profit Trader account after passing the evaluation?
Take Profit Trader charges a one-time fee of $130 per account upon passing the evaluation. This fee applies regardless of the account size, and there are no additional ongoing fees.

How many accounts can one hold with Take Profit Trader?
Traders are permitted to manage multiple accounts simultaneously with Take Profit Trader. While there is no limit on the number of test accounts, traders can have up to three PRO or PRO+ accounts at the same time, such as two PRO accounts and one PRO+ account, or any similar combination.

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