Unveiling Take Profit Trader: A Comprehensive Review

Take Profit Trader is a popular trade funding institution based in the USA that has existed since 2021. The firm is a platform for trading future items and also building training channels to allow traders to maximize the use of funds for good trading purposes. Furthermore, the firm aids in teaching and guiding traders on how to do business without risking their capital. The risk management feature helps the traders avoid any personal losses while the firm takes the loss, especially when using the Pro account.


As a business person who is planning to delve into the trading world, you will find a lot of whole fund trading websites that can either be legitimate or not. To not fall victim to scams, it is necessary to check out reliable reviews, which you can get by conducting thorough research from various social media platforms before delving into them. Reading through reviews will raise awareness because you are going through other people's experiences. Likewise, you can get a view of how much the company treats customers, and most importantly, you can know their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you in your decision-making and let you know if the trading firm fits your convictions.


This write-up of the Take Profit Trader review will cover topics such as various features offered by the firm, different accounts entailed in the platform, rules, any discount fees associated, and social media community feedback.

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Exploring Take Profit Trader: Overview

The institution's core values lie in its transparent trading activity and rules. It is built to nurture users' skills for maximum business profit. The founder, James Sixsmith, a retired hockey player, aimed to create a world where traders could easily do their business without engaging in high-risk procedures to improve competence.


The request for proper trading institutions keeps getting bigger due to the rise in the financial market. This factor has also had a significant impact on the Take Profit Trader firm. You can be a part of this revolutionary platform.


This Take Profit Trader review will list some features that make it stand out and popular in the trading world. They include:


  • Funding

The platform provides further funding for traders seeking help starting their trade business. With the fund, traders would be able to trade futures and also make a profit from them.


  • Daily payout

Stress comes with trading activity, especially with prop trading. Therefore, the platform has given you a means of getting paid within a day without waiting for weeks, days, or months before getting access to your hard-earned profit. With a PRO Account, the first payout is sure.

The firm's features have no restrictions on withdrawal and minimum day trade. You are not restricted to an amount during withdrawal. You can hope to get what you make within a day.


  • Trade Diversity

When it comes to trade diversity, this firm is not behind. It offers various future assets with no exemption for Micros. At Take Profit Trader, you can trade the following;


  • Agricultural Futures

  • Energy Futures

  • Equity Futures

  • Foreign Exchange Futures

  • Interest Rate Futures

  • Metals Futures


  • Payout Percentage

The profit payout is split 80% to 20%, where the trader gets 80% and 20% goes to the firm.


  • Discord channel

The firm has a diverse purpose which does not deal with funds or trading. It also has learning tools for improvement.


  • Customer support

It features a customer support team that offers help to maximize users' actions on the platform.


  • Platform Accessible

With this firm, every trader has the privilege of choosing any platform of their choice when signing up.

Several other trading platforms that Take Profit Trader endorses include:

  • NinjaTrader: free license

  • Tradovate: free license

  • MotiveWave

  • Jigsaw Trader

  • Rithmic R|Trader – free license


With the free license, you can easily trade with the platform with no license required, but others require a trading license before getting access.


The founder's plan for the firm was achieved because it offers the following advantages:

  • It requires a single-step evaluation process.
  • The firm provides coupon codes to give away at discounted prices.
  • It only requires a one-time activation fee.
  • Instant withdrawal process.
  • Flexible withdrawal process.
  • The profit split is lucrative.


From the testimonies of different users, this is a proof that the platform is legit with no shady business. Some of the reviews online say, “Take Profit Trader is a great funding company. Further, according to another happy customer, we found out that fast and friendly customer service, many easy evaluation systems to choose from, and quick payouts on funded accounts are what makes them standout. With the customer ending the statement it with "Highly recommend!” Users' testimony has given the platform a reputable name among other trading sites. Another goes thus: “It is the best Prop trading firm Ever for futures Traders like myself. I recently received my first payout. They are insanely fast. It took less than 24 hours to get the money into my bank account. They have excellent payout policies and rules for long-term partnerships. I see myself with this firm for years to come. They have the best customer support team that I have ever worked with. They are responsive and very fast.”

Take Profit Trader Reviews: What the community says:

On the trustworthy Trustpilot site, according to the Take Profit Trader reviews generated, positive reviews have a higher rate than negative ones. It has a 4.3 rating with 527 comments. There are reviews from the platform, Twitter's account on Twitter, which was opened in 2021. It has 43 reviews and 89 followers. Users have praised the firm for its good customer system, quick withdrawal method, easily navigable tools, and top-notch discord resources. A lot of positives have been shared from all over the world.


With over 2K followers and a 4.7 rating on Facebook, the feedback from users has been mostly positive. Through the platform's online community, the response has been quite encouraging, which shows the credibility of the take profit funding platform.


However, some negative feedback was given. Some users called it a scam and also complained about IP address sharing. It is advisable to follow the rules promptly to avoid restrictions.

The Rules of Take Profit Trader

This Take Profit Trader review shows that there is a drawdown that has to be avoided when trading with your preferred account size. Some rules and guidelines are for traders to avoid profit losses or reduce risk.


  • You have to trade for a minimum of 10 days, but no maximum trading day is included.
  • Trading hours end before 5 p.m. All markets must close because trading after trading hours is prohibited, and there is no availability for weekend trading.
  • The firm is only associated with day trading activity, so any trader whose style is different will want to find other options for trading.
  • Pass the evaluation challenge within 5 trading days.
  • Consistency is fundamental. With consistency, you can meet the demands and reach the profit target. The profit mark must hit 6% to avoid a drawdown.
  • Do not trade during news hours. Some trading activities are not allowed during news, most especially the FOMC, non-farm payroll, and CPI. Every activity has to stop 1 minute before the news time and can also resume 1 minute after the news. Aside from the above instruments, another instrument can be traded. Be aware of the procedures and risk management principles. Thus, for this firm-fit trader who likes trading during news, what you are trading is out of the restricted zone. For example, you are not expected to trade Crude oil during crude oil product news.


Following the guidelines and trading rules will allow for self-improvement. Easily, traders will be able to access the funded account Pro+ without failing at the evaluation stage. Failing at this stage will lead to loss and restriction of account.

Take Profit Trader Discord: Building a Community of Traders

Discord channel

This is a channel where traders can learn and acquire knowledge about trading to enhance their performance. This feature, designed and implemented, is one of the core systems of the platform. More so, it involves tools that allow users to meet and interact with others and advanced teaching tools. When you gain trading skills, it reflects more on your profit output.


Maximizing savings: Discount fee

As a trader, you should ask questions, try to explore better options, and don't miss out on opportunities that can help you save money. The platform offers free coupon codes now and then, so you should get involved with a reliable discount promo that is readily available for you.

At the evaluation, you get to pay monthly for the action fee. The use of this coupon code will help you minimize extra spending; therefore, you get to pay 60% of any account fee. It is also applicable to the one-time activation fee when applying for the PRO account level. Ensure you are utilizing a real-deal coupon code before signing up.

Take Profit Trader vs. Topstep: A Comparative Analysis

Checking out alternatives to Take Profit Trader, this Take Profit Trader review will cover the comparison with Topstep. Topstep is also a popular prop trading firm that provides funds to traders looking for capital for business purposes. It was founded in 2010, and it is still in the competition stage with a new trading firm. Here is a comparison list of Take Profit Trader vs. Topstep:


General details

This will give the property's details in terms of location and date found.



Take Profit Trader


Year founded




Florida, USA

Chicago USA

First profit





Here is the information about instruments allowed on both platforms.

The instruments are divided into CFDs and Futures.

All CFD instruments like Forex, metals, Indices, and Commodities are not allowed on both platforms.

All futures instruments are allowed on both platforms, except for crypto futures.


Program Types

There are various types of funded accounts in their program.

The comparison is set below



Take Profit Trader


One-step evaluation



Two-step evaluation




Instant funding

With instant funding, a challenge or evaluation process would not be necessary. You get to have a funded account instantly. This program is not allowed on both platform



Trustpilot says



Take Profit Trader









Free item

It is a good portrayal to test stuff before use to have a foresight on what to sign up for and also serve the preparation stage.

The free features in this Take Profit Trader review are compared in the table below for Take Profit Trader vs. Topstep.


Free item

Take-profit trader


Free reset



Free trial



Free repeat



With these differences and similarities between Take Profit Trader and the Topstep fund platform, deciding which platform to sign up for has been easier. You can choose which characteristics match your trading style.

Keeping up with Take Profit Trader on Twitter

The Twitter account was opened in 2021 to bring users closer to firm management, where you can easily make your remarks. It is beneficial, especially as a new trader, to keep up with Take Profit Trader reviews.


Following the Platform on Twitter will be beneficial to you as a trader because you will have quick access to the latest updates and can keep up with trends regarding trading so you don't miss out. Through this medium, you get to know other people with the same goal as you.

Navigating Payouts Rule: Understanding Take Profit Trader's Guidelines

This platform payout process is one of the formidable procedures that are most favorable toward traders. This feature makes it stand out among other fund trading platforms. The payout can be requested with day trading.


This Payout method is made through the payment handler Deel. Easily accessible and user-friendly processor. A large amount of payout requests may warrant the need for a notification message before you get paid. There is no cause for alarm.


For a successful withdrawal process:

  • Regulate the amount of payout you are requesting.
  • Make sure you meet the minimum trading days and follow the set trading rules.

Fees and Charges: Demystifying Take Profit Trader's Pricing Structure

The amount and charges assigned depend on the account size


Different Account Sizes

The platform features different account sizes that traders can choose from. The following accounts can be activated at the listed price, and the profit target of each account size differs. The profit marks for each account are listed below:


Account size              

Activation Fee

Profit Target

















Number of Contracts

The maximum number of contracts depends on the account size and profit; therefore, it defines the limit. Therefore, there are various numbers of contracts for each account size, which are listed below:


Account size                          

Maximum number of contracts allowed


3 (30 micros)


6 (60 micros)


9 (90 micros)


12 (120 micros)


15 (150 micros)


After getting to the Pro level, a setup plan of $130 is required just once, meaning you are free from monthly fees.

Multiple Accounts: Managing Portfolios with Take Profit Trader

The firm incorporates the use of multiple accounts by one user into its agenda. Users can possess multiple accounts, and they can be managed with Trade Copier to minimize risk. Having multiple accounts will result in more profit and access to more capital. This is only supported by Pro or Pro+ users and does not allow for more than 3 accounts.


This Take Profit Trader review has given an overview of the core values of the firm and the benefits attached to the platform.


The Take Profit Trader review revealed the 80/20 % profit split of the platform, which depends on the type of account size chosen and trading skill. Since the profit split of the company is 80/20, there is a better offer of profit split which requires upgrading to PRO, which offers a 90% to 10% split. An evaluation account has to pass before getting access to a funded account. This account possesses more advantages, tools, and benefits.


It is of beneficial use to traders to thoroughly research a trading firm before joining, and this can easily be done by checking reliable reviews from various social media platforms, interacting with people by asking questions, and browsing the internet so as not to fall victim to scams.