TickTick Trader Review: Unveiling the True Potential of Futures Trading

TickTick Trader, established in 2004 by a seasoned team of traders, has quickly evolved into a premier prop trading firm based in Europe, offering a gateway into futures trading. This platform distinguishes itself by providing traders with the opportunity to engage in a wide array of futures markets such as CME, CBOT, and NYMEX without risking their own capital. With services available in multiple languages, a diverse range of data feed providers, and various payment methods, TickTick Trader aims to simplify the trading process for individuals worldwide.

The upcoming ticktick trader review will delve into the platform's key features, including ticktick trader direct account options, the ticktick trader payout system, and the ticktick trader scaling plan. Additionally, the reader will be guided through the advantages and potential drawbacks of using TickTick Trader, alongside exclusive offers, activation fees, and the policy regarding performance accounts and profit withdrawal. This comprehensive overview is designed to unveil the true potential of futures trading through the lens of TickTick Trader's offerings.

Exclusive Offers and Activation Fee

TickTick Trader provides a variety of exclusive offers and a straightforward activation fee structure that caters to different levels of traders. Here’s a detailed look at the costs associated with starting and maintaining an account with TickTick Trader.

Activation Fees

  1. Starter Account (25K and 50K): A one-time activation fee of $149 is required for both the $25,000 and $50,000 account options.
  2. Pro Account (100K): For traders opting for the Pro Account, the activation fee is set at $249.

Monthly Costs and Discounts

  • Starter Plan: $145/month with a target of $1500, allowing up to 4 maximum positions and a daily loss limit of $500.
  • Advanced Plan: $160/month, targeting $3000, permits up to 10 positions, with a daily loss limit of $1250.
  • Professional Plan: For a more robust trading setup, this plan costs $285/month, targeting $6000 with 14 maximum positions and a daily loss cap of $2500.
  • Express Plan Special Offer: An introductory rate of $99 for the first 15 days is available under the Express Plan, targeting $6000 with unrestricted daily losses.

Direct Account Options

  • Direct Plans: Costs for direct account options vary, with the Direct 50K Plan priced at $699, Direct 25K at $349, and Direct 10K at $229.
  • Direct Swing Account: This specialized account costs $299 and allows up to 5 micro contract positions with a $350 daily loss limit.

Promotions and Coupon Codes

TickTick Trader frequently offers promotional discounts. For instance, a significant 55% discount on the 25K, 50K, and 100K Pro Accounts can be availed using the promo code FTPDEAL. Additionally, promo codes can be applied during checkout for further reductions on various plans.

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This structured fee and discount system provides flexibility and affordability, making TickTick Trader accessible to a broad range of futures traders.

TickTick Trader's Key Features

TickTick Trader stands out in the futures trading landscape through a combination of innovative features and trader-focused services. Here are some of the key attributes that define the platform:

Diverse Trading Platforms and Tools

TickTick Trader supports a wide array of trading platforms including NinjaTrader, Bookmap, and Jigsaw DayTradr. This diversity ensures traders can select the software that best fits their trading style and needs.

Comprehensive Market Access

The platform provides access to major futures markets such as CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX, covering a wide range of asset classes from currency and metals to energy and equities.

Transparent and Simple Trading Rules

With a clear set of trading rules, TickTick Trader promotes a straightforward trading environment. This includes defined daily loss limits and drawdown calculations, making it easier for traders to manage risk effectively.

Extensive Support and Data Services

Traders benefit from 24/7 multi-language support, ensuring assistance is always available. Additionally, the platform offers top-tier data feeds from providers like Rithmic and Tradovate, crucial for real-time decision-making.

Flexible Account Options and No Hidden Fees

TickTick Trader offers various account types, including performance and direct accounts, each tailored to different stages of a trader’s career. The platform is known for its transparent fee structure with no hidden charges, enhancing its reliability.

Enhanced Trading Conditions

The platform allows for a larger daily loss limit and position sizes compared to many competitors, providing traders with more flexibility and potential for growth.

These features collectively contribute to making TickTick Trader a robust choice for individuals looking to venture into or expand their futures trading activities.

Pros and Cons of Using TickTick Trader

Pros of Using TickTick Trader

  1. Diverse Market Access: Traders have the opportunity to access major futures markets, which is ideal for those looking to diversify their trading strategies.
  2. Support for Various Trading Platforms: TickTick Trader supports platforms like NinjaTrader and Jigsaw DayTradr, catering to different trading preferences.
  3. Transparent Trading Rules: The platform's straightforward rules enhance ease of use and risk management.
  4. No Hidden Fees: A clear fee structure without hidden charges makes financial planning simpler for traders.
  5. Positive Customer Feedback: Numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot suggest a high level of trader satisfaction.

Cons of Using TickTick Trader

  1. Limited Trading Scope: The platform is restricted to futures trading, which may not be suitable for traders interested in other types of investments.
  2. Mandatory Third-Party Tools: Traders are required to use specific third-party tools for trading execution, which could involve additional costs and learning curves.
  3. Strict Trading Conditions: TickTick Trader imposes strict rules on trading hours and prohibits weekend positions, which could limit trading flexibility.
  4. Evaluation Requirements: Traders must pass an evaluation to trade, which varies with the account size, adding a layer of complexity to getting started.
  5. Withdrawal Restrictions: There are specific rules for withdrawals, including keeping 10% of profits from the fourth month, which might not appeal to all traders.

This balanced view of TickTick Trader’s advantages and limitations provides a comprehensive overview for potential users to consider.

Performance Accounts and Profit Withdrawal Policies

Payout Structure and Withdrawal Policies

Initial Payout Terms

  • First 3 Months: Traders enjoy a 100% payout of profits.
  • Subsequent Terms: Starting from the fourth month, the profit split adjusts to 90/10, with traders receiving 90% of the profits and TickTick Trader retaining 10%.

Account and Safety Thresholds

  • $25,000 Account: Safety threshold set at $1,600.
  • $50,000 Account: Safety threshold set at $2,600.
  • $100,000 Account: Safety threshold set at $3,600.
  • $150,000 Account: Safety threshold set at $5,100.
  • $250,000 Account: Safety threshold set at $6,600.

Withdrawal Details

  • Minimum Withdrawal: $250.
  • Processing Time: Withdrawals are processed within five business days.
  • Available Methods: Options include Wire Transfer, ACH, and Cryptocurrency (USDT TRC20).

Additional Withdrawal Conditions

  • Deactivated Accounts: Up to 20% of total profits can be withdrawn, provided they exceed safety thresholds and maintain consistency rules.
  • No Minimum for Deactivated Accounts: Withdrawals from deactivated accounts do not require a minimum amount.

Tax and Compliance

  • Tax Responsibilities: Traders act as independent contractors and must adhere to local tax regulations.
  • KYC Requirements: Completion of KYC is necessary for withdrawal.

Trading and Performance Rules

  • Account Validation: Must be completed as per TickTickTrader guidelines to qualify for payouts.
  • Consistency Rule: No more than 30% of profits should come from a single trading day.
  • Trading Hours: Each instrument must be traded within official market hours, with no overnight or weekend positions.

This detailed overview of the performance accounts and profit withdrawal policies at TickTick Trader provides traders with a clear understanding of how profits are managed and accessed, ensuring transparency and trust in the trading process.

Direct Account Options

TickTick Trader offers a range of Direct Account options designed to cater to various levels of trading experience and investment. These accounts bypass the evaluation phase, allowing traders to directly engage with markets using TickTick Trader Performance Accounts.

Types of Direct Accounts

1.  10K Direct Swing Account

  • Initial Deposit: $10K
  • Maximum Positions: 5 micro contracts
  • Daily Loss Limit: $350
  • Drawdown Limit: $1000
  • Cost: $299

2.  25K Direct Account

  • Initial Deposit: $25K
  • Maximum Positions: 4
  • Daily Loss Limit: $500
  • Drawdown Limit: $1500
  • Cost: $349

3.  50K Direct Account

  • Initial Deposit: $50K
  • Maximum Positions: 10
  • Daily Loss Limit: $1250
  • Drawdown Limit: $2500
  • Cost: $699

Key Features of Direct Accounts

  • Enhanced Trading Flexibility: Direct Accounts offer traders the ability to manage larger positions and potentially achieve higher profits.
  • Instant Withdrawals: Once the safety threshold is exceeded, traders can enjoy the convenience of instant withdrawals.
  • Safety Thresholds: No commission is deducted for the first three months; starting from the fourth month, traders receive 90% of the profits, with the remaining 10% going to TickTick Trader.
  • KYC Compliance: Completion of the KYC process is mandatory before initiating any withdrawals, ensuring compliance and security.
  • Withdrawal Process: Withdrawals can be requested at any time during the calendar month and are typically processed within five business days.

These accounts are particularly suitable for experienced traders who prefer direct market access without the preliminary evaluation stages, providing a streamlined path to trading futures.


Through this comprehensive exploration, we've uncovered the multifaceted offerings of TickTick Trader, from its versatile trading platforms to the diverse market access it provides. The platform's dedication to transparent trading rules, coupled with its no-hidden-fees policy and supportive trading conditions, underscores its commitment to fostering an environment conducive to the growth and success of futures traders. The detailed examination of its features, alongside a balanced view of its advantages and potential downsides, equips potential users with the necessary insights to navigate the futures trading world with TickTick Trader effectively.

Reflecting on the broader implications, the significance of TickTick Trader in the futures trading realm cannot be overstated. It not only offers a gateway for traders to explore and expand within this sector but also sets a benchmark in terms of accessibility, support, and transparent operational ethics. As traders continue to navigate their futures trading journeys, platforms like TickTick Trader prove indispensable in not just shaping successful trading strategies, but also in influencing the broader trends and health of the trading ecosystem. This review has laid out a foundation that highlights TickTick Trader’s potential to be a pivotal player for both new and experienced traders looking to leverage the futures market to its full potential.


1. Is TickTickTrader a legitimate company? Yes, TickTickTrader is a legitimate company. They are located at 1201 N Orange St, Suite 7149, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA. For any inquiries, you can contact them via email at help@tickticktrader.com.

2. What is the typical success rate for futures traders? According to Tradeciety, the success rate for futures day traders shows that 40% quit within four months, 80% quit within a year, and only 7% continue trading for five years or more. It's important to note that persistence doesn't always equate to profitability among those who trade longer than a year.

3. How are payouts handled by TickTickTrader? During the first three months, traders retain all their profits without any deductions for commissions. After this period, traders will receive 90% of their profits, with the remaining 10% taken as a commission by TickTickTrader.

4. What does the consistency rule involve for traders using TickTickTrader? Traders are required to set a daily profit goal and consistently meet it as part of the Payout Policy. Exceeding 30% profits in a day won't lead to deactivation of your account; however, you must maintain consistent earnings in subsequent trading days to balance your overall profits.