TickTick Trader Review - Unveiling Pros, Cons, and Exclusive Coupons

TickTick Trader is a trading firm that engages in the exchange of futures assets. Located in Romania, the firm's futures assets range from agriculture to currency, equity, and energy. It is a space that is built for prop trading activities. TickTick Trader is known for its fast-paced and active characteristics. It is filled with experts in the trading field to give the best service to customers. The firm's foundation aims to gain profit for itself by utilizing professional traders who use multiple strategies to bring profit to the organization. Traders also use the company fund for trading. Likewise, the performance of the trader determines the amount the company pays for a profit payout. Another thing is, this platform also has some features that can help traders achieve successful business output.


Having the best review as a brand helps give it a good countenance, which has made this company among the top-tier organizations. Reviews are instrumental to humans as they pertain to influencing decision-making. A good review can make a customer decide to form a partnership with a brand, while a bad one can give such a customer the intent to develop cold feet. Good reviews give you a positive reputation. Review is taken into consideration as a sort of way for managers of a brand or business to learn from and help keep them in form.


Any trading site with a good interface and well-designed features allows for good business deals, which helps users maximize their business skills. One of the features of the TickTick firm that makes it stand out from other trading platforms is its provision of free Jigsaw Daytradr and Bookmap.

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Pros and Cons of using TickTick Trader

Pros of TickTick Trader

  • No minimum trading days: TickTick Trader allows for withdrawal anytime a trade is done, with no minimum day requirement. Traders have the flexibility to buy and sell futures contracts on a fixed date without any restrictions.
  • News trading is allowed: In addition to trading, TickTick Trader offers features that provide insights, news flashes, and updates. This enables traders to react faster to real-time trade affairs and make informed decisions.
  • Flexible position size choice: Traders of all levels, from newcomers to professionals, have the freedom to choose their desired position sizes. This allows them to start small and gradually increase their positions as they gain experience and knowledge. The position sizes range from $500 to $50,000.
  • Follow-up attribute: TickTick Trader reviews traders' activity and provides real-time information on profit, loss, and account balance. This ensures that traders are aware of their current standing and can make informed decisions for their future transactions.
  • TickTick-Drawdown: The platform features TickTick-Drawdown, which provides an accurate daily evaluation of traders' progress. Traders can track their wins, losses, open positions, and account balance, providing a clear picture of their trading performance each day. This professional trading tool helps traders stay updated and make necessary adjustments.

Cons of TickTick Trader

  • Third-party involvement: TickTick Trader requires third-party tools for trading implementation, as it involves multiple brokerage accounts. Traders need to use a third-party tool to place trades using different brokerage accounts.
  • Finite Future Trade: TickTick Trader is specifically designed for futures trading and does not support other forms of trading options like forex. This limited trading options may restrict opportunities for some traders who are looking to explore different markets.
  • No free trials: TickTick Trader does not offer free trials to users. Users need to register and pay the activation fee before gaining access to the platform and starting their trading activities.
  • Restricted Night Trade: Trading on TickTick Trader is only allowed during the day, and night trading is restricted, except for the 10k Direct option. This lack of flexibility may lead some traders who prefer working at night to consider alternative platforms.

Features and Policies for TickTick Trader

  • Three Performance Accounts Per User: Traders are limited to a maximum of three Performance Accounts, promoting focused and strategic trading. Additional accounts can be validated and kept on standby for activation when needed.



  • Consistency Rule for Payouts: TickTick Trader follows industry standards with their "Maintain Consistency" rule. This rule ensures that traders' highest single-day profits do not exceed 30% of their total account profit, encouraging sustainable trading strategies and long-term success.



  • Lifted Restrictions on Same-Instrument Trading: Traders now have the freedom to trade the same instrument multiple times a day, providing greater flexibility and more trading opportunities.



  • Copy Trade Strategies Allowed: Traders can replicate successful trades across their accounts, maximizing trading potential and enhancing their chances of success.



  • No Scaling System: Traders using TickTick Trader can fully utilize the maximum number of contracts allowed without limitations. This is particularly relevant for a prop firm using End-of-Day (EOD) drawdown during the performance account phase.



  • Flexible Profit Withdrawals: Traders can withdraw profits immediately as long as the balance exceeds the threshold and the consistency rule is met. There is no requirement of a minimum of 40 trading days to qualify for 100% payout, offering more flexibility to traders. Additionally, traders can enjoy a 100% profit split for the first three months.



  • Lower Minimum Profit Withdrawal: The threshold for profit withdrawals is just $250, making it easier for traders to access their earnings.



  • Overnight Positions: A significant policy shift allows traders to keep overnight positions without automatic account disablement. Instead, traders will receive a warning and can request account restoration through the support team, provided their balance is above the required limit.

TickTick Trader Rules and Guidelines

Its rule setup is applied to all programs on the platform. Regardless of the account size, the rules never change. The type of account size you have determines the amount of profit mark thereby requiring some certain principle to follow to avoid drawdowns.


The important rules are as follows:

  1. Regarding the number of days to trade, there are no minimum days set to trade. Trade can occur at any time with restrictions as to when to trade.
  2. Trade is only allowed during the day. All position is advised to be closed before the end of the day to avoid an account ban. Joining the platform means you are subjected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the community. Regardless of professional level, breaking the rules will result in account disqualification.
  3. The number of contracts depends on the position size. Exceeding the contract limit of the size of the position chosen is a break of the rule.
  4. Having different Logins is not an ideal rule to follow. To have multiple evaluation packs, there exists a pack that can easily be bought in the Member's Area in the user's account creation. Doing this will help in avoiding account termination.
  5. Never hit the daily limit loss. Hitting the loss limit is to prove you are not consistent enough and show less enthusiasm for day trading skills.

TickTick Trader Direct Account

This is a phenomenal setting to help traders achieve a progressive and successful business agenda. You are given the grant to escape the conventional evaluation stage process to attain the high technology and more advanced analytical tool trade settings with the groundbreaking evaluation account setup. TickTick offers a direct account offer, which is an account that can include a 10k direct swing, 25k direct, and 50k direct. It allows for a low monthly fee for a profit share deal. With the direct account features, it has made TickTick easily used, i.e., traders can get access to an upper-level trading structure. One of the limiting factors of this direct funding account is the high acceptance and participation fee requirement.


Steps to set up a direct account

  1. Click on the type of account you want to set up
  2. Choose the preferred payment system
  3. Enter a coupon code if you have one.
  4. Enter your name
  5. Enter an email address.
  6. Make use of a strong password
  7. Fill in the information box


Activation Discounts

TickTick Trader Firm gives price cuts at a discounted price on getting a coupon code. There is a cut-off of 20% to 70%. The discount can come at different rates depending on the type of discount code.

TickTick Trader Activation Fee

On TickTick, data subscription payment is not required and it is a free offer. For activating your account, an activation fee is required and it is a one-time payment procedure and the amount depends on the account type. These are the offers laid down fee:

  • $149 for a $25,000 Starter Account
  • $149 for a $50,000 Advance Account
  • $249 for a $100,000 Pro Account (And the validated 100k Express Account)
  • $539 for $150,000 Expert Account
  • $969 for $250,000 Master Account

TickTick Trader Payout

A new user on TickTick gets to own 100% of any profit made. Withdrawal of this benefit is valid for the first three months. The payout can be done using PayPal, ACH transfers, Wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies as forms of payment. For any other transaction made after this period, the profit made is split into 90/10 where 90% goes to the trader and the firm takes the 10%.

Increasing the amount of payout, you get depends on the account size that is being traded with. The more stakes, the more profit yielding more payout. Payouts can be requested at any time of the year. It has no restricted withdrawal month. Within five business days, the payout will be processed but requesting for the first payout can only be done after exceeding the safety threshold. There is always help around through the support center if peradventure a mistake occurs leading to the opening of multiple accounts. Every trader needs to attain the payoff target.

Is TickTick Trader legit?

TickTick is a legitimate prop firm that is based in Romania. It has a positive reputation and reviews from customers. The legitimacy of TickTick Trader can be clarified by over 5900 traders on Trustpilot with over 90% of customers giving it a positive rating. The firm has accounts on various social media platforms. Its site has a feature where users can live chat with the support center.

It is quite a recommended trading firm that is popular and also used by various Future traders around the world.


TickTick Trader is a proprietary firm trading that deals mainly with futures as trading assets with a legitimate business setup. It is a reliable and proactive platform for trades to occur to give profit to both the firm and the traders. It is rated 5-star service and the customer's support team provides outstanding feedback for users. To be successful on the platform requires the ability to follow rules laid down by the organization. Activating your account will require the payment of an activation fee which you start using and get a full payout commission.


As a trader searching for a legitimate world where you can meet other business partners to transact and have a good productive business. Do not look far, a legitimate place is here for you at TickTick firm. If any problem arises or you want to make any step that is not sure, it is advisable to reach out to the support team for clarification.